Grazelen Farm 

What is now known as Grazelen Farm was originally established by Crawford Simms about 3 miles NE of New Hope, Va.  Mr. Simms operated a self sufficient farm selling only what he did not need to feed his family and animals.  He had the main house built by Eutsler Brothers of Grottoes in 1900 and then added the barn, hog house, corn crib, chicken house, brooder house, buggy shed and smoke house. All the buildings still stand except the chicken house which blew over in a 1971 wind storm.  Because of excess heat from summer cooking and canning, he also erected a summer kitchen adjacent to the house and which still stands but is used as an office by Senator Frank W. Nolen.  There were 6 cisterns and no well.  Sanitary facilities were a two holer out house which still stands and a wash tub for bathing.  Some tenants added a bath room on one of the side porches during the 50ís. 

The house has Eutslers Brothers signature Gingerbread trim on the outside and ornate window and door trimmings inside and out.  The roof is Virginia Slate and still provides shelter.

It is believed to be the only house in Virginia that has been occupied by two unrelated state legislators.  Mr. Simms served as a Democrat in the Virginia House of Delegates and Frank W. Nolen served in the Virginia Senate. 

Frank W. Nolen purchased the farm in early 1967 and named it Grazelen Farm combining the word graze and the last 3 letters of his last name meaning grazing farm.  Frank married Nancy Weese, a school teacher, of Old Fields, West Virginia on the front lawn in June of 1967 and they raised three children, John, Will and Amber. 

A well was added in 1969 and new bathrooms and laundry room added in 1971 and the side porch was restored to its original state.  The house caught fire in 1972 in an outside wall behind a fireplace.  The fire was extinguished without major damage and a new chimney and fireplace design by Architect Goodloe of Staunton was constructed that year.  A family room was added in 1973. 

Frank, son Will and grandson Lee operate the farm today raising beef cattle, hogs, corn, barley, wheat, soybeans and all kinds of hay.  They have for sale straw, hay, soybeans, wheat, market hogs and feeder cattle.

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